Leave behind
what matters

A reimagined smart Will. Protect your loved ones and build your Legacy.
Create an expert-prepared Will in minutes and update anytime.
Smart updates keep it valid and relevant as time passes or things change.
Build a digital scrapbook for your loved ones of memories and messages: leave behind what matters.
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Protect your loved ones

Legacy lets you create a legally valid Will, built by Solicitors, quickly and easily. Our unique visual approach makes sure you can see your wishes are reflected, unlike traditional, impenetrable Wills. Give your family the protection they deserve.

Capture your memories

Capture and curate a journal of your life with your loved ones. Videos, photos, messages, thoughts - build something priceless to pass on.

Coming soon

Future messages

Time future messages to only be delivered on events (wedding day, graduation etc), or dates (birthdays, anniversaries…).

Lasting Power of Attorney

Further provide for your future with these important protections at no additional cost.

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